Campo de' Fiori, Rome

Roma, RM 00186

Campo de’ Fiori, Rome’s liveliest square

Campo de Fiori, Rome

It should come as no wonder that every ancient square in The Eternal City comes with its own gory history, and the Campo de’ Fiori is no exception. For centuries the square was the site of public executions; today it plays host to one of Rome’s busiest open air markets and a thriving hospitality scene.

Yes, regardless of whether you’re an Ancient Roman history buff or a lover of all things la dolce vita, the Campo de’ Fiori, or “Field of Flowers”, is a must-visit! Located just south of the Piazza Navona, Romans flock to Il Campo by day to pick up fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, pasta and oil throughout the day, then come out at night to dine and relax at its eclectic bars and restaurants.

Whether you’re on the lookout for history, fresh produce, good food or drink, the Campo de’ Fiori, conveniently nestled between Rome’s most famous landmarks, is the perfect addition to your Roman Holiday, featuring these unforgettable experiences…

  • The ever-incredible Colosseum

    You would be doing yourself an incredible disservice not to get inside this ancient wonder when visiting Rome. There is something so mystifying about standing in its sections, overlooking the once glorious (and gory-ous) battlefield. You will feel as if you’ve been immediately transported through time, to an era where gladiators fought to the death and their lives were in the hands (or thumb) of the often-merciless emperor.

  • The ornate beauty of the Vatican

    The Vatican City is a lavish testament to religion, and an incredible sight to see whether you adhere to Catholicism or not. From the giant Baldachin at St. Peter’s Basilica to the unmistakable frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, to the myriad of masterpieces at the Vatican Museums, you’re certainly in for a joyous treat upon entering these hallowed institutions. Be sure to head on down to the Vatican Necropolis, an ancient tomb dating as far back as the Imperial era.

  • History a’plenty at the Roman Forum

    The Roman Forum is one of The Eternal City’s great experiences, as it allows travellers to gain a bigger picture of life during this period of unrivalled greatness. Consisting of a range of structures that played host to daily elements of Roman life, including trials and gladiator fights, the Forum is as impressive architecturally as it is a wonderful place to learn the history of the ancient city.

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