5 things to do in Civitavecchia

The ancient town of Civitavecchia has historic buildings and is right by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

About an hour’s drive from Rome, Civitavecchia is a beautiful coastal town and well worth the visit. You could do a day trip to Civitavecchia or spend two days to really get to know the town.

While you are here, check out the list of things you can do in Civitavecchia.

1. Piazza della Vita

Piazza della Vita is the town square and is a popular area to walk around on a warm summer day. The square is right by the beach, so you will have some beautiful coastal walks here.

There are also a few different statues and monuments here, including the iconic WWII sailor kissing a woman.

2. Spiaggia il Pirgo

Join everyone else and relax down on the pebble stone beach overlooking the crystal blue water. Spiaggia il Pirgo is a popular beach in Civitavecchia and sits right by Piazza della Vita.

The beach is free, and you can go swimming, or take part in some water activities including jet skis or catamarans.

Nearby there are local restaurants and a train station, making it very easy to get to the beach.

3. Aquafelix

Open during summer, Aquafelix is a large waterpark filled with waterfalls, slides, and rafting areas. There is an entry fee, or you can buy a season pass.

Whether you want to go on one of the many rides and waterslides or swim in the pool, Aquafelix is the best spot to cool off on a summer day.

4. Michelangelo Fortress

You can’t go inside, but you can walk around the building and see the huge structure building that was built in the 16th century.

Pope Julius II commissioned the building to defend the Port of Civitavecchia from pirate invasions. Bramante constructed the building and when he died, his pupils Giuliano Leno and Antonio da Sangallo completed it.

5. Cattedrale di San Francesco

The church was first built in 1610 and then later rebuilt in 1782 which then became a cathedral in 1805. During WWII, the cathedral was badly damaged and only in 1950 it was restored.

You can find the church in the city centre, but it is only open certain times during the week.

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