Are Spanish Steps worth visiting?

View an iconic piece of ancient architecture that the Romans built in the 1700s.

The Spanish Steps is one of the oldest surviving landmarks in Rome that were built between 1723 to 1726. It’s worth visiting this piece of history and even walking up the 135 steps!

The Spanish Steps look like a grand staircase with three different terraces which refer to the Holy Trinity. You may also notice how the steps look which is a Rococo style that originated in France.

Where can I see the steps?

The steps lead to the Trinita dei Monti which you can access and walk up the stairs from Piazza di Spagna. The closest subway station is Spagna and the steps are only a short walk from the station.

Spanish Steps

Why were the steps made?

The steps are the connection between the French church at the top of the stairs to the Palazzo Manaldeshchi which sits in Piazza di Spagna.

What can I do nearby?

There are heaps to do and see nearby the Spanish Steps! There are plenty of shops you can go into from designer stores, clothing stores, and shoe stores too.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants you can sit down in and enjoy a meal or a coffee. Not too far from the steps is Ristorante Nino which is a restaurant that serves delicious Tuscan dishes and amazing wines to try.

The Fontana della Barcaccia is at the foot of the steps and it’s an impressive boat shaped fountain that got built in the 17th century.

What else should I see in Rome?

Trevi Fountain

Rome has some famous attractions that are known across the world. They are must see highlights when you go to the city.


Perhaps one of the most well known attractions in the world. The Colosseum opened in 80 AD and held major gladiator battles with an audience of 50,000 people.

Today you can see the Colosseum and buy tickets to see inside this historic attraction.


The Pantheon got built between 118 to 125 AD and is the best preserved ancient Roman building in the world. The outside of the building looks like a Greek temple with 16 pillars and the inside has Roman architecture.

Trevi Fountain

Maybe one of the most famous fountains in the world. Trevi Fountain is widely known for its design and is featured in many movies such as The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was once the most essential city centre of Rome. The Forum would hold gladiatorial fights, public meetings, and many more events.

Rome has many unique and old attractions in the city. From the Spanish Steps to the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. You can see these incredible Roman attractions on a historic walking tour.

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