Can I visit ancient Roman bathhouses in Rome?

The bathhouses became a common feature across Rome and Italy, where citizens could come together to relax.

The bathhouses became a part of citizens daily routines. Ancient Rome had different bathhouses across the city for people to visit where they could chat with each other or relax.

The Romans really enjoyed the bathhouses, and not only did they get to socialise, but they also maintained their hygiene.

Today you can visit the ancient Roman bathhouses in Rome. Some ancient bathhouses require an entry ticket while others are free to enter.

Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla was Rome’s second largest public bath. Now all that is left is the brick walls and the large collapsed vaults. But when this bathhouse was active, it was covered with marble and had artwork.

The bathhouse was built around 216 AD and at the time, it was the largest public bath in Rome.

You can see the Baths of Caracalla if you buy a ticket.

Baths of Nero

At this bathhouse, there isn’t a lot remaining. There are only two columns to see. There were once four, but two of the columns were actually used when the Pantheon was restored.

The bathhouse was the second public bathing in Rome and was originally built by Emperor Nero in 62 AD. Later in 227 AD, it was rebuilt by emperor Severus Alexander.

Yes, you can visit the Baths of Nero for free is a short walk from the Pantheon.

Baths of Trajan

The Baths of Trajan were first opened around 109 AD. Based on drawings from the Renaissance period, the bathhouse was marble and was the first major bath complex.

Today there isn’t much left of Baths of Trajan besides a wall with a cement roof and niches for statuary.

You can visit the Baths of Trajan for free and also the Colosseum as it’s a short walk.

Baths of Neptune

The Baths of Neptune was built in 139 AD by Adrian and Antoninus Pio. Today you can see the well preserved mosaics remaining on the floor.

You can visit the Baths of Neptune with an entry ticket to the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica.

Baths of Diocletian

The Baths of Diocletian was the largest Roman bathhouse in Rome. The bathhouse was made in 306 AD and was built similar to the Baths of Caracalla. The bathhouse was covered in marble and there were sculptures and mosaics.

The bathhouse is now part of the National Museum of Rome, where you will need to buy a ticket to visit.

Some of the ancient Roman bathhouses had libraries, gyms, and different bathing rooms that were hot or cold. It’s worth making time to check out some of the bathhouses, especially when they are close to some major attractions in Rome.

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