Can you do the Colosseum and Vatican in one day?

What a joy that we can ask the question of whether you can visit one of history’s most intriguing battlegrounds and the centre of Catholic piety in one day?

The Colosseum and Vatican City are two of Europe’s most impressive sites, with the former being home to Ancient Rome’s epic gladiatorial combat and the latter being the world’s ornate Christian hub!

And the answer is a simple yes! You can tour the Colosseum and Vatican in one day, taking in the Colosseum’s majesty in the morning and the Vatican’s religious wonder in the arvo.

But, to get the absolute most out of your epic Roman adventure, you should secure the famous “Skip the Line” tickets that will help you do exactly that – skip the line!

You can secure Skip the Line tickets for both the Colosseum and Vatican – not only will these help you avoid those annoying lines (especially in the warmer months) but they will also help you free up even more time to experience both these epic wonders.

These unforgettable aspects await you upon entry:

The Colosseum

There is no structure in the world quite like the Colosseum – ancient or modern. This epic arena was once home to the Roman Empire’s most illustrious gladiatorial fights, where the creme de la creme of hardened knife fighters were put to the test (and the sword) for the eyes of Rome’s elite and commoners to enjoy.

Sure, it was an incredibly strange way to get your kicks, but this was before TikTok, and those Romans had to find some way to occupy themselves. Honestly though, gladiator fights were messed up, but it does make for some fascinating history when touring the most majestic Colosseum…

The Vatican City

What can be said about the Vatican? Well, we can only try, as at the end of the day you will just have to cross that Italian border into the microstate and find its glory all for yourself.

Remembering that the Vatican is home to the Sistine Chapel, home to one of history’s most important masterpieces in Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement, or that St. Peter’s Basilica is home to Bernini’s Baldachin and the Vatican Necropolis, whilst the Vatican Museums hold an approximate 70,000 works from the likes of Italy’s most important artists.

That’s just a start, of course, and it also has pretty gorgeous gardens for when your head is spinning from all the masterworks…

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