Can you get a private tour of Rome?

Rome remains one of the world’s most fascinating cities, with its ancient history combined with modern style giving it an atmosphere unlike anywhere else on Earth!

Whether you’re marvelling upon the legendary Colosseum, indulging in historical masterpieces at the Vatican Museums or simply watching it all go by with an espresso in hand, Rome is a town that never fails to delight all those who immerse themselves in its beauty.

It is only natural that a city like Rome has numerous private tour options available. What makes a private Roman tour so special is the way you can personalise your experience, ensuring you get to see the sites you have always wanted to in this plentiful city.

Skip the Colosseum line in the morning; take in the Trevi Fountain at lunch time and finish it off with a walk up the marvellous Spanish Steps – the choice is yours!

You will have plenty of spectacular experiences to choose from…

The Colosseum

There is no other ancient structure like the Colosseum, and perhaps no other that has been so well-preserved for all to experience. This grand arena was once home to the blood-lustful gladiatorial battles, where slaves would be forced onto the battleground to fight one another in a primitive contest to please the masses.

Today, the Colosseum is an incredible testament to Ancient Rome’s morbid side; a place where you can truly get a sense of how it must have been to be drawn out in front of those roaring crowds and made to fight to what could have been your ultimate demise…

The Vatican City

Now for a respite from all that gory stuff, as the Vatican is the height of pious luxury and tranquillity. A truly peaceful part of a buzzing city, a visit to the Vatican cannot be complete without checking out the Sistine Chapel, with its unmistakable frescos; St. Peter’s Basilica, with its eerie necropolis; and the Vatican Museums, with its giant collection of masterpieces from some of history’s most important artists!

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum where all Rome’s important decisions were made, deals were done, emperors entombed and pretty much everything else you could consider that pertains to the ancient city’s empirical magnitude.

Today, it stands as another well-preserved archaeological wonderland, with many of the stunning landmarks still standing strong amidst the bustle of city life surrounding them!


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