Does the Temple of Vesta still exist?

The Temple of Vesta has a long, fascinating history.

The Temple of Vesta can be found in Rome, though little remains of the once grand temple. Despite its ruins, the temple holds lots of history. If you are visiting Rome, check out the ruins and its historic surroundings.

History of the Temple of Vesta

The Temple of Vesta was built in the Roman Forum by Rome’s second king in 700 BC. The temple was unique in that it was a circular structure rather than the other square temples in the area. In the centre of the temple was a flame, that was supposed to signify the goddess, Vesta. The flame was kept burning and maintained by Vestal Virgins. It was said that Rome would fall if the flame went out.

The practice of the Vestal Virgins and the flame of Vesta came to an end in 394 AD when Christianity became prominent.

Because of the constant burning flame, the temple burned down many times. In 1549, the temple was severely destroyed. Parts of the marble structure were used in other places around the city to construct buildings such as churches. In the 1930s, the remaining marble of the temple was reconstructed to form the ruins we see today.

Thanks to art and old coins, archaeologists were able to understand what the temple used to look like.

Where is the Temple of Vesta?

Today, visitors can see the Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum, located near the Colosseum. The temple consists of three tall columns, though not much else remains of the temple.

There are lots of buses that stop near the Temple of Vesta, or you can walk there on a stroll through the city.

Do any tours visit the Temple of Vesta?

Whether you have the whole day to explore or just a half day, you can join one of our tours to see the Temple of Vesta for yourself!

This Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour is only 2.5 hours long and departs at 9 am. The first stop of the morning is at the Colosseum. You’ll receive a guided tour with skip-the-line tickets and learn all about the structure’s history. After exploring the famous landmark, you’ll make your way to the Roman Forum. This is where you’ll see the Temple of Vesta as well as other ruins such as the Arch of Titus and much more. The final stop of this tour is at Palatine Hill to take in spectacular views across the city.

This Rome Day Tour takes you around the city, exploring a few of the most famous landmarks. The day starts with a tour of the Vatican. You’ll get to stroll through the museums and the Sistine Chapel. Next, it’s on to St Peter’s Basilica, where you can find a collection of famous art pieces. You will then have lunch before continuing to tour the Colosseum. After the Colosseum, you will be able to see the Temple of Vesta at the Roman Forum. The tour concludes at the scenic Palatine Hill.

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