How Big is Rome?

There are few cities more famous than Italy’s capital Rome. Renowned for its ancient architecture, famous artworks, and mouth-watering traditional cuisines. Lovers of all things beautiful cannot miss the iconic sites such as the Colosseum, or the cobblestone streets covered in bright colours and lush vines. But seeing as there is so much beauty within, how spread out are the sites of Rome?

The Size

Rome is approximately 1,285 kilometres square, with the Roman forum, the ancient city centre of Rome, only about 14 kilometres square.

The Population

Being such a large size, the city is bursting with people! Back in the day, Rome was the largest city in the entire world, home to around 1 million citizens. Nowadays, the urban area has a population of 3.8 million, with the metropolitan area having around 4.3 million.

How to get around

Working out how to get around is one of the first questions travellers must ask. Although the easiest option may be taxies, if using throughout your holiday, it can end up costing you an arm and a leg. Instead, public transport litters the area, with the bus’, metro train, and trams all available. Simply figure out which stations are closest to your hotel and work out which is the best ticket for you, whether it would be a one-day ticket, a week pass, or monthly to annual.

Where are the popular attractions?

Rome is full of so many spectacular sites for tourists, it’s hard to forget a couple along the way. Vatican City, the cultural hub bursting with ancient landmarks and famous paintings, is a must-do destination with endless museums to visit. Visiting the Roman Forum and the Colosseum one day will let you leap back to the time of the Roman Empire. Both these attractions sit in the historic centre, which holds around 90% of the significant tourist sites. The name historic is because, for over 2000 years, it has never been without a large inhabitancy.

Where to stay?

Not sure which of the hundred hotels to choose from? Narrowing down the area can limit the vast list of rooms to pick. As stated before, the Historic Centre is filled with the very best of what Rome has to offer, so your best bet is here. However, due to its close proximately to popular landmarks, the rate of a room night is a lot of more than outer areas. If you would like to save a little bit more money or gelatos and extra-large pasta dishes, book a room for just outside the Historic centre area.

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