How far is Civitavecchia to Rome?

Civitavecchia is the main port for Rome and central Italy, promising tourists an exceptional display of historic and modern architecture, culture, and attractions. Offering travellers an opportunity to avoid the crowds and enjoy the local atmosphere of this town only a short away from the bustling city of Rome.

Civitavecchia’s Location

Civitavecchia is north-west of Rome, around over an hour drive from the city. The port is right next to the Tyrrhenian Sea and has been the city centre’s main port since Ancient Roman times. It was first founded in the early 2nd century by Emperor Trajan. Although there are still some ancient buildings remaining, the town is a blend of both modern and ancient structures.

How to Travel to and from Civitavecchia

  • Cruise

    As well as being one of the main attractions of the town, this port is the gateway to Civitavecchia and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The travel time between Civitavecchia and Rome usually is one and a half hours but might be longer depending on if you are taking a bus to the port or making your own way there.

  • Train

    Training back and forth between Rome and Civitavecchia is easy! With the Civitavecchia train station directly linking to the main Rome station, taking around an hour one way. Training back and forth can be a relaxing way to travel, but keep in mind the time at peak times in the morning and night as it gets pretty packed.

  • Day Tour

    Not interested in organising your busy schedule for the day? Tours are an easy way to kick back and relax while discoveries things you might not have ever seen on your own. Picking you up directly from your hotel the tour will take you on a cruise ship and giving guests plenty of options during their day spent in Rome. Taking you around the historic city in a comfortable and spacious bus.

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