How long does it take to visit the Roman Forum?

The Roman Forum was once the grand centre of an empire, the place where laws were passed, people condemned, deals were made and gladiators fought to their gory death.

Roman Forum

If the Colosseum is the centre of Roman extravagance, then the Forum is the centre of everything administrative. Whilst that may not sound so fascinating in itself, the Forum is complete with stunning, well-preserved structures, with the likes of the Temple of Antoninus Pius, the Temple of Saturn and Arch of Titus just some of the incredible testaments to Roman construction still standing in the Forum.

Travellers typically like to combine a visit to the Roman Forum with that of the Colosseum and the even-more-ancient Palatine Hill, allowing around an hour for visiting each landmark.

So, to answer your question: it typically takes about an hour to experience all the wonders that when combined create the unforgettable Roman Forum.

Be sure to head there alongside these two magnificent ruins…

The Colosseum

Because, it’s not as if you are going to visit the Roman Forum and not see the Colosseum, right? Whilst the Forum grants you an enchanting idea of public life in history’s greatest empire, the Colosseum gives you a rather gory idea of how Romans liked to enjoy themselves.

We all know the stories from the Colosseum: of gladiators being mauled to death by captive lions, of rogue emperors murdering their chained-up plebeians and of violent extravagance the likes of which we hope to never see ourselves.

But, to be fair, this gory history is partly what makes this monolithic structure so enticing, and such a worthwhile place to visit. Stroll around the beautifully-preserved sections and gaze out over what once was the site of history’s most famous one-on-one battles – it’s a truly unique experience.

Palatine Hill

Whilst not as instantly recognisable as the Forum or Colosseum, Palatine Hill holds a special place in the history of Rome and is, in its own right, a majestic place to see!

The hill itself stands proudly atop the likes of the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus, providing unparalleled views of the city’s ancient wonder. Palatine is also a super peaceful place to chill out after a day’s exploring – it’s full of lush greenery growing between the ruins, and you can even stop there for a Roman picnic complete with wine and antipasto…

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