Ignite your senses across Rome

The beautiful city of Rome is high on many travel bucket-lists across the globe. The city is filled with historical delights, family-run restaurants and an incredible arts scene.  So excite your senses in Rome this Spring!

  • Taste


    Wander through the back streets of Rome and delight your tastebuds. Cobbled streets wind around and open themselves up to incredible plazas filled with outdoor dining tables. These hidden family-run restaurants are the perfect place to fill your belly. Wander through the square and eye off the food coming out to each table before settling down for the night. Remember to pace yourself and order local specialities for the best meal of your Italy trip.

    Artichoke is synonymous with Rome, and you’d be silly to not order it as your starter. Look for Carciofi alla Romana on the menu to start, then continue with the local pasta dish Cacio e Pepe. The simple, creamy pasta has been donning Roman tables for hundreds of years. Finish your meal wandering the streets with a gelato, or tuck into a rich tiramisu at your table.

    There are many wonderful regions in Rome to enjoy your meal, but our favourite must be Trastevere. The bohemian neighbourhood has grown an international reputation for its delicious meals and laidback atmosphere. The area is bustling with young people exploring the region and enjoying the artisan stores and craft breweries. If spending an extended period in Rome try and find some accommodation here. If you’re staying in other parts of Rome, Trastevere is easily accessed by foot and public transport.

  • See

    Colosseum Windows

    It’s a bit of a cheat, but we’d be leading you astray if we didn’t say you have to see Rome’s historic sites. A visit to the Colosseum is essential to any Roman trip. This monumental arena has been part of history books for centuries, with children from around the world learning all about gladiators and chariot races. The incredible architectural site has withstood the test of time to attract visitors thousands of years after its completion. If choosing to head inside the Colosseum, we recommend purchasing a fast pass ticket. These tickets will allow you to skip the line to get in sooner, which is a huge benefit especially as it is such a popular location.

    Just down the road from here you can find the Spanish Steps. They are dominated by the stunning Trinità dei Monti church at their top. During the springtime the stairs are adorned with stunning purple floral arrangements. Careful not to sit on them though, a whistle blowing is a warning for you to stand up. Just a ten-minute walk from here is the iconic Trevi Fountain. Throw a coin over your shoulder to have your wish come true. Be sure not to tell anyone though, or the fountains magic won’t work!

  • Smell

    Cheese at market

    Rome’s large and wonderful produce markets are the place to go! These huge markets are filled with fresh local produce. Follow your nose as the fruit aroma leads you to plump peaches and oranges.

    Wander through the Nuovo Mercato Esquilino and explore the beautifully vibrant produce stalls. Grab yourself some fresh fruit and vegetables before heading back to your apartment and cooking up a delicious home-made meal.

    If fruit and veggies aren’t quite heavy enough for what you’re feeling, then follow your nose to the many delicatessens in Rome. Wander through to Taverna Volpetti. This delightful little tavern gets its name from the cheese shop just next door! Pop by for an afternoon of aperitifs and tastings. Small servings mean you can try a plethora of cheeses. From sharp to creamy, hard to soft, there is something for everyone. What goes better with cheese than cured meats? Italy is one of the cured meat capitals of the world. Enjoy antipasto plates with crackers meats and cheese, or even better, pack your own and go for a picnic around Rome.

  • Hear

    One of the best ways to explore Rome is with an audio tour. In recent years they have skyrocketed in popularity, with attractions across the world now offering them. In fact, many tour guides now provide earpieces to their customers. This clever idea means that the whole group can easily hear the guide, even when slightly separated.

    Joining our Historical Rome Walking Tour, you’ll hear the stories of this ancient city. Wander through the cobbled streets to uncover the history of this wonderful city.

  • Touch

    Pasta Ingredients

    The final of your senses to explore while in Rome, touch. What better way to feel at one with the city than to get your hands dirty at a cooking class?

    Italian cuisine is deceptively simple. Short ingredient lists and traditional techniques have tricked many home cooks. No matter how many times you grind your own pesto or hand mix your pasta dough there is often something missing. Join a cooking class to learn all the secret tricks to getting your dinner as good as a nonnas.

    There are plenty of cooking classes to choose from depending on where your interests lie. Learn how to craft the easiest, quickest pasta dough and never buy dried pasta again. Or, craft your own authentic pizzas from scratch. But there’s more to Italian cuisine than just pizza and pasta. Historical cooking classes will teach you all about Roman classic foods and fish dishes.

Rome is home to some of the best cooking schools in the world, but fret not, for there are plenty catering to the amateur such as yourself. Cooking classes are a fantastic way to explore Rome in a unique way.

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