Is a tour of the Pantheon worth it?

The Pantheon is the most preserved monument of ancient Rome, and it’s filled with so much history.

Having a tour of the Pantheon is certainly worth it. On the tour, your tour guide will teach you about the Pantheon’s history, construction, and architecture. There is just so much to learn about this one building. You only need at least 20 to 30 minutes to look inside the Pantheon. Your tour guide will tell you the history of the outside of the Pantheon and the inside. You’ll learn just why this building is so special and why it’s still so famous today. The Pantheon is famous for its incredible architecture and history. The Pantheon was built in 125 A.D. and then it transformed into a church after the Roman empire fell. The Pantheon is the church of Saint Mary of the Martyrs.

Outside the Pantheon

The Patheon looks like an ancient Greek Temple with 16 pillars on the outside at the entrance. The Pantheon was the most important temple of ancient Rome, and it was dedicated to the twelve Gods. When you stand outside the front of the temple, it is rectangular. You might see these holes up the top section. These holes came from the iron clamps that held decorations which were later taken down to be melted.

Inside the Pantheon

The inside is ancient Rome architecture and as you walk inside, it is breathtaking. Everything inside the building is original and dates back to when it was built. When you first walk inside the Pantheon you will see the main altar on the other side. The marble flooring is beautiful and if you look up at the dome you might not notice that it is one piece of concrete. At the very top of the dome, there is an opening where the light is coming from. This is the only source of light The Pantheon gets. But what happens if it rains? There are 22 holes in the floor to drain the rain that falls inside the Pantheon. As you walk around inside, you’ll see there are people buried. The people buried at the Pantheon are the famous painter Raphael, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy. A little fun fact, the Margherita pizza was named after Queen Margherita.

Historical Rome Walking Tour

If you wish to explore other landmarks in Rome including the Pantheon, then this tour is for you! You’ll walk around Rome, learning the city’s history while stopping at famous landmarks. You’ll go to places like Piazza Navona which has churches and fountains surrounding the area. You’ll visit the Pantheon before walking to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

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