Is food expensive in Rome?

Rome is famous for many things: architecture, history, La Dolce Vita; and, of course, its sumptuous cuisine. Whilst Rome isn’t the first Italian town to come to mind when you consider mouth watering cuisine, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that The Eternal City is home to spaghetti carbonara and cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper pasta) – just to name a couple!

And you can be sure that when you plonk yourself down on a wooden chair in a charming trattoria that you will receive one of the most deliciously oozy carbonaras your non-Italian mother just simply couldn’t do when you were a youngster (you will not find Bulla-brand cream in Italian carbonara!).

One thing you will be thrilled to find out is that food – like that of the legendary carb – isn’t overly expensive in Rome.

Of course, you can choose to eat however you like: eating out for dinner whilst making lunch at the hostel or frequenting one of the city’s 23 Michelin-starred restaurants, but if you’re going with neighbourhood trattorias you shouldn’t expect to spend much over 50 Euros a day on meals.

And, for sure, this is pretty awesome, as that classic combination of spaghetti, eggs, pancetta and cheese really shouldn’t cost the price of a night in a reasonable hotel, so you can look forward to making room for these wonderful meals in your budget!

Now that food is out of the way (although it is never really out of the way in Italy) it’s time to look at some of the sites you can expect to see in between feeds:

The Colosseum

Still one of the world’s most astounding landmarks, the magnificent Colosseum is a truly majestic experience, teleporting you through time to an era where gladiators inspired the masses and evil emperors got up to the most bizarre of antics.

The best way to see the Colosseum is with a “skip the line” tour, as your guide will teach you all about the structure’s wonders and the often-gory history that accompanies it.

The Vatican

After all that gruesome history you might want to find yourself at a place more pious, more holy and more tranquil: enter the Vatican City. This gorgeously ornate microstate is the perfect place to escape Rome’s hustle, taking in the likes of the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums as you go…

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