Musei in Musica

Take a step into the spectacular rooms of Rome and hear live music bouncing off the incredible art and decorative walls and ceilings. Rome’s annual Musei in Musica is coming again this year, commencing in the holiday time for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

What is Musei in Musica?

The name translates to ‘Museums in Music,’ and involves a selection of the city’s museums and cultural venues to host live concerts and music events in December’s evenings. Whether you enjoy classical music, dance, or poetry, this event has it all. Presenting these incredible performances in some of Rome’s most beloved art rooms. The ongoing event strives to promote the fantastic culture of Rome, bringing locals and tourists closer to the city’s art and incredible structures. Aiming to endorse the local music and dance projects. It is organised by Zètema Progetto Cultura and run by the Roma Capitale, who have joined forces with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. After years of great success, it has now extended the event to a national level. Involving not just Rome, but other Italian cities and countries. Presenting over 100 different musical performances in some of the most beloved travel spots. The official start date is Saturday evening of December 1st, so make sure you mark it on your calendar.

How to See the Musei in Musica?

Rome during the holiday season is bursting with twinkling festive lights and Christmas trees aplenty. Visit during this time will ensure a stunning white Christmas with live music, stunning art, and incredible culture. The return of this beloved event will commence in December, starting at eight pm and finishing at two am. Entrance fee is only 1 euro per person, giving anyone the chance rich or poor to attend this marvellous event. If you are Musei in Comune (MIC) card, you even get free entry!

Take a look at the busy program to see which day and event suits you. With an ever-changing location and show, discover the many exhibitions, concerts and live shows that are taking place.

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