Rome’s Hidden Gems Worth Seeing

Rome is so jam-packed with world-famous sights; many can’t fit them all in during their short visit.

However, if you’ve got plenty of time to immerse in the world of Rome, why not visit some of the quieter regions of the city, and experience the hidden gems dotted about!

  • Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso

    Due to Rome’s vast number of historic sites, visitors often forget to take a look at the modern beauty hidden about the city. The Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso, also known as the Jubilee Church, is a Catholic church and community centre, created by the American architect Richard Meier. The church is immensely modern, and contrasts beautifully with the streets of Rome.

  • Casina Delle Civette

    Known as the House of Owls, this whimsical house museum is nestled just outside of Rome. As close to a real-life fairy tale house as you can get, the building was built in the 1800s to resemble a Swiss cabin. Afterwards, it went through a couple of renovations, adding the feel of a medieval hamlet. It is named the house of owls due to the numerous owl motifs decorating it, making it a truly stunning building to see!

  • Porta Alchemica

    The park of Piazza Vittorio is a stunning spot to visit, home to immaculate gardens and stunning wildlife. However, the hidden gem that many tourists walk past without a second look is the door of Porta Alchemica. It is known as a magical door, covered in symbols and inscriptions, known to be the gateway to the secret world of the 1600s alchemy. Most don’t know what the symbols even mean, with many theories and legends stating the door’s true purpose.

  • Palazzo Farnese

    The Palazzo Farnese was once one of the most importance High Renaissance villas in all of Rome. Designed in the 16th century, featuring a stunning range of exterior detail and interior frescoes, such as the famous fresco of ‘The Loves of the Gods’. Sadly, this building is often overlooked by travellers as it is now used by the French embassy. However, if you visit in the right time, you’ll be able to hop on a quick tour of the building, seeing the wonderful architecture and artworks found within it!

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