The Daily Lives of the Ancient Romans

The ancient people of Rome had concrete customs and set social traditions within their society. But depending to their class, gender, or trade, a roman citizen could lead a completely different life to another.

  • The Rich Citizens of Ancient Rome

    As with all societies, wealthy citizens had a far better life overall. Living in beautifully decorated houses located away from the city’s smell and noise, the rich people enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle. Doing no hard labour but rather social or financial requirements with free time a common occurrence. They spoilt themselves with luxurious clothes, perfumes, decorations, and habits. Having either servants or slaves catering to their every need. For dinner, they would hold exclusive dinner parties, serving up expensive and exotic dishes as well as endless jugs of wine.

  • The Poor Citizens of Ancient Rome

    The poor Roman citizens had no such luck in the indulgent lifestyle but rather worked themselves into the ground. Living in small, shabby houses, and tirelessly working from dawn until dusk. The families stressed about food and money constantly, with newborn babies being abandoned to the streets when times were tough.

  • Rome’s Children’s Life

    Education depended completely on the family’s wealth. Roman Schools were only for boys who came from rich families, with full-time tutors teaching some children at home instead. The only time girls were allowed to be taught was only if they came from a very wealthy family, and in this case, they were never allowed in actual schools but only to taught by a tutor. Lessons in reading, math, writing, and debate were all very common. If you were not wealthy, rather than the school you would help the family’s business, whether it was on a farm, at a shop, or around the market.

  • The Mandatory Daily Activities

    Regardless of your age, social status, and gender, all Romans citizens visited the baths in the afternoon. This essentially was their free time, as people caught up with their friends, gossiped, and relaxed in the large bath pools. To the Roman people, the baths made them feel superior to the rest of the world, as it was a traditional Roman custom that connected practical chores with a social atmosphere.

  • In their Free Time

    Although the majority of the time, most citizens were too busy with work to enjoy free time, there were many activities the Romans enjoyed. Playing board games was a common game, using counters and dice on work breaks or after work. Richer citizens enjoyed hunting, doing it for both fun and for food. But by far the most popular activity was the public events at the amphitheatres. Shows to see the chariot races or gladiators let citizens forget their troubles and hard lives, bringing together both the poor and rich together. Sadly a lot of the time women weren’t allowed in these events, regardless of their wealth.

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