What are the best things to do in Civitavecchia?

Whether you are staying there, or just visiting for the day, Civitavecchia offers tourists an exceptional display of historic and modern cultures. Only a short drive from the centre of Rome, you will feel like you are stepping back in time to the historic world of Ancient Rome.

Civitavecchia’s port

The main attraction of the Civitavecchia, this port is the gateway to this incredible town and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The harbour was built in 100 A. D after the Etruscans were taken over by the Romans. Emperor Trajan commissioned the poor, naming it Centum Cellae. Nowadays, there are an array of cruises, ferry lines, and personal boats that all use the port as their base point. For a breath of sea air, take a morning cruise to see the ocean sights.

Terme Taurine

This preserved bathing complex dates back to the ancient Roman times. Hidden by the large crowds of tourists, the baths sit on top a hill to overlook out to the surrounding area. This bonus of this attraction is that there is very limited fencing, so you are able to walk freely around the remaining of the complex, touching the marvellous crumbling ruins.

Ficoncella Thermal Baths

Another ancient area of baths, but for this one is fully operational! Despite their age, the Ficoncella Thermal Baths are fully excisable to modern day visitors, letting you relax and soak in the plunging pools. The water that flows from the spring today is the same in which emperor Trajan bathed centuries ago!

Fontana del Vanvitelli

An old fountain that is made in the same material as the Colosseum. This charming fountain stands out within the neighbourhood for both its detail and historic past. The fountain was first put in to defend the city against enemy attacks. See the structure‘s incredible fountainhead of a half human, half goat creature.

Old Town Centre

This is Civitavecchia’s oldest centre and is the heart of the old Medieval district. See the aged church, buildings and decorations as you stroll through the cobblestone streets.

Natural Monument

For a snap of nature, visit the Natural Monument! After centuries of sea erosion, has created a sunken beach, forming small bays and inlets bursting with wildlife. Grab some snorkelling gear and plunge into these waters to see the interesting creatures hidden below. Right opposite is La Frasca’s, Pine Forest! A large stretch of pine trees that has a mysterious and tranquil air about it.

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