What are the best tours in Rome?

Rome is a city that has long held a special place in travellers’ hearts.

Rome, the Eternal City

From its ancient architecture to its unrivalled historical significance, its vibrant arts culture to its delectable cuisine, no trip to Europe is complete without a visit to the Eternal City.

However, many of us aren’t blessed with the time to spend endless days whiling away the hours in cafes and piazzas, so tours are the best way to experience this stunning city.

Rome City Tour provides comprehensive Roman experiences, providing you with the opportunity to take in all the city’s highlights in a smaller time frame!

And here are our best Roman tours.

  • Rome Day Tour with Colosseum & Vatican

    This is our ultimate Roman tour, providing you with the opportunity to experience both the city’s incredible architecture and empirical/religious history in one fun-filled adventure. The day begins with a Skip the Line ticketed tour of the Vatican, where you will get to enjoy this landmark’s incredible collection of tapestries, sculptures and paintings, before entering the glorious majesty of the Sistine Chapel. The morning section of the tour concludes at the impressive St Peter’s Basilica.

    After lunch, we make our way to the tour’s grand show – the Colosseum. Here, we once again skip the queue to enter the hallowed confines of this legendary amphitheatre, taking in the ruins of what was once the centre of Roman extravagance. The tour concludes at the Roman Forum, where you can spend time enjoying the ruins before heading out in time for an aperitif and a pre-dinner nibble.

  • Private Rome Tours

    Looking for a more personalised, private tour of the city? Our private Rome tours are conducted in clean, safe transport, where local guides take you to all the most impressive Roman landmarks. You can even customise your itinerary to experience the things you want to see, making it perfect for people with little time and big plans.

  • Historical Rome Tour

    This lovely walking tour takes you across the city’s most revered landmarks, squares, fountains and streets, allowing you to take in everything this city is known for. Enjoy the Spanish Steps, the Fountain of Four Rivers and, of course, the marvellous Trevi Fountain. You will then head across to one of Rome’s most preserved monuments – the Pantheon, where the tombs of Rafael and the two kings of Italy add to the historical aspect of the tour.

It sounds like it’s time to enjoy the good life in one of the world’s most rich and vibrant cities.

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