What happened at the Forum in Rome?

The ancient ruins of the Roman Forum are one of the greatest sights in all of Italy. It depicts the past life of the Roman Empire, an ancient civilisation of one of history’s legendary empires. They were an exceptionally advanced society, with their modern engineering, architecture, and technology influencing countries well after Rome’s fall. But what actually happened in the Roman Forum?

The lives of the Ancient Romans

The Roman Empire was a powerful civilisation that ruled for nearly 1000 years, controlling a large portion of Europe. Their style of architecture is the reason why the Roman Forum still exists today. They used the classical Greek style but developed it in a way to create an entirely new way of architecture.

The Roman Forum was located in the heart of the Ancient Roman city. It served as a public area, with political, social, and religious events occurred. In the centre stood the Via Sacra, which was the main street in this section of Rome. Rome was famous for their streets, as the city had the finest road system the ancient world had ever seen. The street hosted celebrations for Roman war victories, with triumphal marches strolling down the centre for citizens to applauded at.

Other great monuments were located in this area, mostly religious and political landmarks. They displayed large temples right on Via Sacra, to establish the religious faith of Roman people to any newcomer. As well as political monuments including the Arch de Titus, which was built to tribute Emperor Titus following his death in 81 A.D.

How the Forum fell

The Roman Forum fell into disrepair after the fall of the Roman Empire. It was eventually used as a grassland, known in the Middle Ages as the ‘Campo Vaccino,’ translating to the Cow Field. This resulted in a large majority of the stone and marble to be extensively plundered. The restoration of the ruins did not start until the 18th century where the excavated started and continued up to this day. There are many theorised reasons why this legendary empire fell, noting that it was not just one great event, but a series of events which caused the collapse. The military decline, Government corruption and political dispute, religion, as well as the city’s economy, are all said to be reasons for the Empire’s cracks. All said to play a part in the final downfall of the Roman Empire.

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