What is considered rude in Rome?

Every city has their own unspoken rules that if you aren’t aware of, you might be seen as rude.

Rome is a beautiful city filled with incredible landmarks and ruins. When travelling to a city for the first time you’ll be nervous about how to not seem rude to the residents. So here is a few things you should remember to seem like a good traveller. And by the end of learning all these tips, you won’t be so nervous anymore!

Learn some basic Italian

This isn’t exactly rude to not know Italian, but the locals do highly appreciate it when travellers speak Italian to them. Even if you learn the basic hello, goodbye, thank you, and please.

Avoiding burping around others

It’s considered rude to burp loudly in public. Burping in general can be seen as rude, but if you feel the need to, try to go somewhere private!

Wait for everyone to have their food

When you’re out at a restaurant with other people, wait for everyone to have their food before eating. If you start eating before everyone has their food, it can be seen as rude.

Talk quietly in a church

When you’re inside a church or other holy places, it’s rude to talk loudly. Instead whisper if you need to talk to someone else. Everyone who visits these spaces are already rather quiet so it’s easy to remember to follow this rule! Also, keep in mind to respect the people who are praying and to not go near them or be super quiet when walking by.

Okay, so now I know some rules. What can I see when in Rome?

Rome has some beautiful attractions you can go see. There are some attractions you may need to pay to go inside. But it’s so worth the money as you’re probably likely to only do it once!


It’s hard to avoid seeing the Colosseum in Rome as it is the city’s biggest attraction. Once about 50,000 to 80,000 Romans would come together to watch gladiator battles. These battles would either be between other humans or big animals such as bears, tigers, and elephants.
It’s quite impressive to see the Colosseum still standing today after years of deterioration and many earthquakes since its opening in 80 A.D.

Roman Forum

Once the most important building in Rome, the Roman Forum held public meetings, gladiatorial fights, and many more. You can still see parts of the structure of the Roman Forum between the Palatine Hills and the Capitoline. You might recognise part of it from the eight major tall pillars still standing and an arch.

You can either explore the streets of Rome to find these amazing attractions or book a tour! When you book a tour, you’ll have a tour guide taking you around the city. You’ll then learn so much more about the beautiful city of Rome.

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