What is the best month to visit Rome?

Rome, the Eternal City, is a wondrous myriad of ancient history, European glamour and stunning architecture that has to be experienced by any serious traveller.

Snow on the Colosseum

Whether you’re marvelling at the great Colosseum, traversing the city’s charming alleyways or people watching over an espresso, Rome is a city that always wins the hearts of those who meander its gorgeous paths.

The best time of year to visit Rome, without a doubt, is Spring, with the months of April and May offering some of the most gorgeous weather without the flurry of summer crowds.

What’s more, summer in Rome can be quite a ghastly affair, with the city’s concrete working like a hot plate as you slug your way from monument to monument.

So, if you want to avoid summer crowds and heat whilst enjoying Rome at its most picturesque and climatically inviting then be sure to get there in either April or May.

These incredible experiences await you upon arrival:

The Colosseum

There is no other structure in the world quite like the Colosseum: a majestic testament to man’s ability to be unbelievably twisted. You all know the tales; you’ve heard the names of sadistic emperors who forced commoners to fight to depressingly gruesome deaths, now it’s time to check out this incredible arena for yourself, taking in the arena’s wide expanse and its exposed dungeons.

The Colosseum is the starting point for any Roman holiday, the place where you have to go to get yourself acquainted with the city, before moving on to calmer pastures like that of…

The Vatican City

Whether you’re pious or not, the Vatican City is a joyous experience, a gorgeous holy place where people of all faiths can come and enjoy the ornate beauty of this tiny city-state.

From the unmistakable beauty of the Sistine Chapel, complete Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement, to St. Peter’s Basilica and its Baldachin, onto the countless (literally) array of masterpieces in the Vatican Museums, you won’t regret taking the afternoon off and meandering around this unique part of the world at large.

People watch over espresso

Rome is a beautiful town filled with beautiful people, so why not pull up a seat in the gorgeous spring weather, grab yourself an espresso (or vino) and watch the elegant Roman city roll by before your enchanted eyes…

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