What is the Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s great treasures, as it is considered the most spectacular and recognisable fountain in the world. Bringing herds of travellers to its waters to see the stunning work of art. It is a large fountain, displaying white stone sculptures and cascading blue waters.

The Fountain’s Beginning

The fountain has a rich history, its basic structure being built during Ancient Roman times in 19BC. It stands at the joining of three separate roads and was a marking endpoint to one of the city’s earliest aqueducts. This resulted in its famous name- Fontana Di Trevi, which translates to the three-street fountain. The first use of the use fountain was as a water source for the city. But in 1629, Pope Urban VIII was unimpressed by the ancient designed, which took many years to complete, finishing completely in 1762. The Pope desired a greater monument- with a dramatic flair and artistic beauty. The architect chosen for the fountain was from a competition. The winner, Alessandro Galilei, ended up being disqualified, as there was an outroar in the capital for Galilei being Florentine. The roman Nicola Salvi, who won second place, ended up being the architect, until his death in 1751. Giuseppe Pannini stepped in to complete the work after Salvi’s passing.

The Fountain’s Artwork

The reconstruction involved mainly the design and construction of the fountain’s artwork. The design revolved around three architectural elements, both the frontage and sea reef are made of travertine stone, and the statues are made of carrara marble. The theme of the fountain was ‘Taming of the Waters,’ with each statue and section symbolising a concept. The main centre structure that draws the eye is the statue of the Greek sea God Oceanus. He is being pulled on a chariot by two sea horses, one wild and one passive, these symbolise the changing moods of the ocean.

The Fountain’s Tradition

By far the biggest appeal to the Trevi Fountain is the renowned traditional of coin throwing. It is said if you throw a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder into the fountain, it will ensure your return to Rome one day. Two coins will ensure a new romance, and three will guarantee marriage. So have a shot and see if the coin works for you, as no trip to Rome is complete without a visit to this iconic Trevi Fountain.

Where you can find it

The fountain is located in Rome’s historic centre, Via delle Muratte. Simply stroll through the bustling small streets, hopping off your bus, train, scooter, car, before entering these streets which restrict any large vehicles from entering the area. To hear more about each stature’s meaning and history, we suggest taking an tour so you can learn all the fountain’s secrets.

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