What should I avoid in Rome?

Rome has a history from the gladiatorial battles at the Colosseum to the ruins spread throughout the city. You can also find Vatican City inside Rome.

Rome is a beautiful city to explore to see all the ancient buildings and surrounding ruins. When you visit Rome (or any other city) for the first time, you’re likely to make a mistake. But here are some tips to avoid doing when you’re in Rome!

Avoid not taking a tour

Going on a tour is a great way to see parts of Rome. Your tour guide will show you some of the most popular sites in Rome. You’ll learn some of the histories of Rome and even go to some hidden gems. You will have to book most tours in advance, so make sure if there’s one you want to do, you book it now! A great three hour tour is the Historical Rome Walking Tour.

Avoid not doing any day trips

There are so many great cities you can visit for a day while you’re staying in Rome. You can visit the city ruins of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Or you can visit the Amalfi Coast, Sorento, Florence, or Naples. Don’t forget about the small island of Capri, or the Chianti vineyards to try some of the best Italian wine.

Not buying tickets to attractions beforehand

So many people get caught out wanting to see an attraction without buying tickets early. Have a check online to see how quickly some tickets sell out if you’re unsure of a date. But if you know your travel dates, book the tickets to avoid missing out! It is also a good idea to save time and book skip-the-line tickets. This gives you the advantage to skip the long lines to get in somewhere. You can sometimes save a few hours by doing this!

Not bringing your water bottle, hat, and sunglasses in summer

It can get extremely hot and sunny when you’re in Rome during summer. Rome can reach over 30 degrees Celsius in summer. It’s highly recommended to bring your water bottle, hat, and sunglasses. You will have some opportunities to fill up your water bottle when walking through the streets. It’ll save you some money to avoid buying a bottle of water at a store or restaurant.

Not staying in Rome long enough

It’s always a bit of a disappointment to go somewhere and just run out of time. There is a lot to go and see when in Rome, so try to stay between four to five days. When you stay longer you can see the main attractions, some unknown ones, and do some day trips out of Rome too. Don’t forget to visit Vatican City to see St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

We will always recommend booking everything you want to do early. There are so many travellers around the world wanting to see the same attractions as you do. But if you book early, you will get to see everything you want to see. Regardless, you’ll enjoy your trip when in Rome!

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