Who are the Borghese family?

Lovers of all things beautiful cannot miss the famous Borghese Gallery and Gardens. Listed as one of the most popular attractions in Rome, the gallery and gardens are home to an array of breathtaking sights. But who are the Borghese family?

History of Borghese Family

The Borghese family had a small amount of fame from many public officials long before moving to Rome in the 16th century. But their wealth and fame grew a sustainable amount after the election of Camillo Borghese as Pope Paul V in 1604.

How the Borghese Family Got Their Titles

In the 16th century, the Pope had power similar to a king. He was able to bestow a ‘papal’ title to anyone he chooses, as well as controlling widespread territories. In his rein, Camillo granted his favourite nephew, Scipione, the title of Prince of Vivero, which was a town in the north of Spain. Scipione spent the majority of his life improving the family’s properties, including expanding the art and gardens. Camillo also bestowed other members of the family with titles, including the Duke of Bomarzo, the Prince of San Paolo, and the Prince of Sant’Angelo.

Palazzo Borghese

Camillo purchased Rome’s largest family palace, now known as the Palazzo Borghese. It was the grandest home in Rome at the time, containing servant quarters, stables, a coach house and one of the greatest collections of art in Europe. Over the four centuries of ownership, only parts of the estate are still possessed by the Borghese family. With around twelve generations of Borghese members owning the area, with current generations still living there.

Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery was actually originally named the Villa Borghese Pinciana. It was once used as a country villa by the family. It is now Rome’s most iconic and well-stocked galleries. Home to masterpieces of paintings and sculptures. The gallery has an array of masters within its walls, including the renowned Raphael, Bernini, Caravaggio, and Peter Paul Rubens to name a few. Celebrated painting such as the “Entombment of Christ” and the “Boy with a Basket of Fruit” will make your trip here unforgettable. Located within the heart of the Borghese Gardens on Pincian Hill.

Borghese Gardens

After marvelling at the art pieces, don’t forget to take a trip around the gardens. It is Rome’s second largest public park, with stunning wildlife perfectly manicured. Immerse yourself in greenery in a full day’s worth of exploration and relaxation.

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