Who Founded Rome?

Rome has an extraordinary history. With crumbling ruins and epic artefacts within the city’s walls, it’s hard to learn everything about Rome in one go! The foundation of Rome is still not absolutely known as it was thousands of years ago on the 21st of April 753 BCE. But there has been numerous myths and legends on the city’s birth.

The Myth of Romulus and Remus

Legend says that twin brother demi-gods Romulus and Remus, founded the city of Rome. Their mother was a Vestal Virgin and their father was Mars, the god of War. The king of the area thought if the boys lived, they would grow up to overthrow him. Scared of this possible future, he ordered them to death by drowning them in the Tiber River, however the servant in charge took pity on them, and guided them down the river in a basket.

After drifting towards the seven hills the twins were found by a she-wolf called Lupa. She took them to her lair in Palatine Hill and let them drink her milk. They were then found by a shepherd and his wife who raised them as their own.

Romulus and Remus soon grew into strong adults and killed the King Amulius. The King’s crown was offer to the twins, but they instead reinstated Nimitor as the king of Alba Longa, wanting to found their own city.

Romulus started the creation of his own city by building a wall around Palantine Hill. Remus soon got jealous and started insulting Romulus’ wall, beginning their petty quarrel. Romulus became so angry of his brother he killed him, ensuring he was the only ruler of the new settlement, named Rome (after himself.)

The other myth claimed that the twins were descendants from the royal Trojan refugee Aenea, the son of the goddess Venus.

The Myth of Roma

Other retellings of the foundation of Rome was about a woman named Roma, who the city was named for. Roma travelled along with Aeneas and the other survivors from Troy after that city fell, ending up on the banks of the Tibet River. After resting for some time, the men of the group wanted to keep moving, whereas Roma and the other women objected. The men left, with Roma leading the women to burn the Trojan ships, stranding the Trojan survivors at the site which would become Rome.

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