Why is Palatine Hill famous?

Not only is Palatine Hill the most popular place in Rome, but it is also one of the most visited places in Italy.

There are a few reasons why Palatine Hill is famous and why thousands of people visit the attraction every year. Firstly, Palatine Hill is one of the most ancient parts of Rome which has been inhabited since 1000 BC. Then it is also where Augustus was born, he was the first Roman emperor.

Who was Augustus?

Caesar Augustus was the first Roman emperor who was born in 63 BC. He first came to power as an emperor in 44 BCE after the assassination of Julius Caesar. For 40 years Augustus was in power, until 14 CE when he died.

Augustus did a lot for Rome and was considered one of the most successful leaders. He changed Roman life by restoring peace and prosperity and led Rome to change from a republic to an empire.

Things you shouldn’t miss at Palatine Hill

You could spend a few hours seeing Palatine Hill. But if you’re short on time, be sure to check out these main attractions on Palatine Hill.

Circus Maximus Balcony

Circus Maximus Balcony was part of the Temple of Apollo and has some of the most breathtaking views of Circus Maximus. On your way towards the balcony, you’ll get some views of the Colosseum, the Hippodrome Stadium of Domitian, and other structures of Palatine Hill and surrounding areas.

Hippodrome Stadium of Domitian

The Hippodrome Stadium of Domitian was part of the Palace of Domitian. The stadium was likely used as a garden for private events, for leisure activities such as horse riding, and private gladiatorial events.

Casa Di Livia

Casa Di Livia is certainly worth visiting if possible, during your time on Palatine Hill. Livia, who was Augustus’s wife, is believed to have lived in this two-storey house. Inside there are well-preserved frescos to see.

Casa Di Livia isn’t always open, so it’s best to check if it is before your visit.

Attractions nearby

Palatine Hill is close to some of the other biggest attractions in Rome.


People from all over the world will travel to Rome to see the ancient Colosseum. A venue that once held brutal gladiator battles and other events, it truly makes up for some of Rome’s history.

You can buy tickets and explore the inside of the Colosseum or book a tour and learn more about its history and what exactly took place here.

Roman Forum

Luckily for you, you will have access to the Roman Forum if you plan to visit Palatine Hill!

The Roman Forum was once an important part of Roman history and the central part of Rome. There were government buildings, markets selling goods, public speeches were held, and many more events.

Some important buildings to see while visiting the Forum include the Temple of Saturn, Arch Titus, and Basilica of Constantine.

You can set off on your own adventure and see Palatine Hill or book a tour and have a guide show you around Palatine Hill. To have a guide to show you around, this tour takes you through Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum!

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