Why is the Pantheon impressive?

What a question! All one has to do is take one glance at this remarkable feat of Roman architecture to know why it’s impressive.

Pantheon Rome

Michelangelo himself said that this unbelievable Catholic church appeared to be the work of angels and not humans, and this alone should be enough to give you an idea of its outstanding grandeur!

But the Pantheon is so much more than a stunning building – it naturally comes with some pretty incredible history, too.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun facts that make the Pantheon such an unmissable site when visiting The Eternal City…

1. No one really knows how old it is

Archaeologists have speculated, but none have agreed, and no one can so far tell exactly how old this extraordinary building actually is. This is partly due to its numerous original incarnations being burnt in great fires and after lightning strikes, thus confusing the actual age of the current structure.

One thing we do know, however, is that its current version was built by Emperor Hadrian in 120 AD, who then had the architect executed for disagreeing with his artistic vision.

2. It is incredibly well-preserved

There is something so mesmerising about visiting this amazingly well-preserved landmark. Partly because it retains the incredible grandeur of the Roman Empire, partly because it is absolutely mystifying as to how it managed to survive all these years!

We all know that Rome was an empire that enjoyed a good fight, and this often meant the fight often came to its very heart. In fact, Rome was successfully sacked by the Goths in 410, a major event in the eventual fall of the Roman Empire.

But somehow the Pantheon remains incredibly well-preserved as the wondrous, ornate structure you see today (and you really should see it). It’s just an awe-inspiring combination of grand design and dedicated labour the likes of which are hard to come across today!

3. It was originally built as a temple for the gods

The Greek word “Pantheon” means “honour all Gods”. Therefore, the Roman Pantheon was originally built as a tribute to all Gods. You can tell just how serious they were about honouring their gods – the Pantheon is simply one of the world’s most amazing ancient buildings.

There is absolutely no way a trip to Rome can be complete without wandering around – and within – this beautiful testament to Roman architecture in all its glory…

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