Is it worth visiting Civitavecchia?

Known as Rome’s port city, Civitavecchia is Italy’s largest cruise port terminal and is worth spending a day here.


A lot of travellers who arrive in Civitavecchia are cruise passengers, who then will make their way to Rome for the day. However, Civitavecchia is the perfect coastal town to spend a day or two exploring for an authentic Italian experience.

So yes, the town is worth visiting and here are some reasons why it is!

Civitavecchia is not far from Rome

Civitavecchia is an hour’s drive from Rome. So if you are already in Rome, it’s easy to make a day trip out to the seaside town. You can also get a train, taking around an hour from Roma Termini or Roma Aurelia to Civitavecchia station.

Otherwise, if you arrive on a cruise, there is a free shuttle bus that takes you into the city centre.

There are fewer crowds

As Civitavecchia isn’t as popular compared to other nearby towns and cities like Rome, it has fewer crowds. With fewer people means places aren’t booked out, you’ll be able to walk around and explore, and see attractions without thousands of people in the way.

The best way to see the town is by walking around! This allows you to walk through the narrow streets and come across some local favourite cafes, restaurants, and shops. Keep an eye out for some churches and piazzas you may stumble across.

The best time to visit

As expected, the best time to visit is during summer between June and August, though this will naturally bring in more travellers. Other great times to visit for warm to mild weather and fewer crowds are between April, May, and September to November.

What to see in Civitavecchia

Even though the town is often overlooked as a day trip to Rome, there are quite a few things you can do and see.

• Vanvitelli Fountain
The Vanvitelli Fountain was named after architect, Luigi Vanvitelli who built the fountain in 1743. The fountain is made entirely from travertine and has a sculpture of an old faun’s head. From the faun’s mouth is where the fountain water sprays out from.

• Fort Michelangelo
One of Civitavecchia’s most popular attractions is the Fort Michelangelo, a 16th-century fortress. The Fort Michelangelo has six-metre thick walls which were built to protect the town from pirates.

• National Archaeological Museum of Civitavecchia
Visiting a museum in any city is a must do to learn more about the history that took place. This museum displays pottery, statues, sculptures, and bronze work that all date from ancient times through to the Middle Ages.

Most people will spend about a day exploring Civitavecchia. Though if you can, try to spend a couple of days here to really know the town and see all the sites.

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