Things to Do in Rome

  • Colosseum Colosseum


    There are few monuments in Italy, or even the world, more famous than the Colosseum. Its ivory-white and ochre walls […]

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  • Roman Forum Roman Forum

    Roman Forum

    Every city has a certain place where everyone comes together to meet. For ancient Rome, this place was known as Forum […]

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  • House of the Vestals House of the Vestals

    House of the Vestals

    The House of Vestal was the residence of the Vestal Virgins, the priestesses of the cult of Vesta. The ruins […]

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  • Palatine Hill Palatine Hill

    Palatine Hill

    Of Rome’s seven hills, the most famous, and central is Palatine Hill. Home to the oldest part of the city of […]

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  • Via Sacra Via Sacra

    Via Sacra

    The Via Sacra, also known as Sacred Way, was once the main street in the heart of the Ancient Roman […]

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  • Arch of Titus Arch of Titus

    Arch of Titus

    The Arch of Titus is one of the oldest of two remaining arches from the Roman Empire. The 50ft tall […]

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  • Pantheon Pantheon


    The Pantheon is one of Rome’s most famous buildings and is known across the globe for its magnificent pillars and iconic […]

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  • Galleria Borghese Galleria Borghese

    Galleria Borghese

    Rome is a destination renowned for its numerous museums. However, a vast majority of these are within the walls of Vatican […]

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  • Trevi Fountain Trevi Fountain

    Trevi Fountain

    The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s great treasures, as it is considered the most spectacular and recognisable fountain in the […]

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  • Villa Borghese Villa Borghese

    Villa Borghese

    Villa Borghese is the third largest public park in Rome, with several structures, museums, and attractions. In the heart of Rome, […]

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  • Spanish Steps Spanish Steps

    Spanish Steps

    The Spanish Steps are a set of stone steps in Rome that climb a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna and […]

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  • Circus Maximus Circus Maximus

    Circus Maximus

    When people think about Roman entertainment, chances are they will think of the Colosseum in Rome. However, centuries before the […]

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  • Fountain of Four Rivers Fountain of Four Rivers

    Fountain of Four Rivers

    With the endless beauty offered within Rome, some attractions may fall through the cracks on your journey. The Roman’s longstanding relationship […]

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  • Vatican Museums Vatican Museums

    Vatican Museums

    Rome’s Vatican City is a destination like no other for a number of reasons. Not only is it the Christian […]

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  • Sistine Chapel Sistine Chapel

    Sistine Chapel

    Of all the attractions in Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel is arguably the most famous. This iconic building owes most […]

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  • Civitavecchia Civitavecchia


    Whether you are staying there, or just visiting for the day, Civitavecchia offers tourists an exceptional display of historic and […]

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  • Piazza Navona Piazza Navona

    Piazza Navona

    Visit Ancient Rome at the Piazza Navona The Piazza Navona is one of Rome’s most important ancient landmarks, an oval-shaped […]

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  • Campo de’ Fiori Campo de’ Fiori

    Campo de’ Fiori

    Campo de’ Fiori, Rome’s liveliest square It should come as no wonder that every ancient square in The Eternal City […]

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