What are the top essential things to know before visiting Rome?

Packing your bags for your next holiday? Whether you’re looking for a spot with an element of adventure, peace and quiet, or extraordinary culture, Rome has you covered. But before heading off into the unknown, it’s always best to do a bit of research first. Making sure you are aware of the transport, deals, and customs all while being a respectable visitor can turn your trip into an easy breezy holiday.

Basic Italian Phrases

Regardless of whether you’re only stopping through for a short period, or planning an extensive escapade, learning some Italian along the way is crucial. While Italy is filled with English speakers, learning the basic phrases helps you form better bonds and impress the locals. Make sure to learn the difference between the informal and formal way of speaking, with each one used all depending on who you are addressing. Looking up the common greetings, polite phrases, and basic questions help you slid smoothly into the daily happenings of Rome.


Now you are here, how do you get around? Taxies may seem like the easiest and laziest option but using them throughout your trip can cost you an arm and a leg. So, working out the best public transport near your hotel and the top attractions is always the best. With bus’, metro, and trams all available throughout the city centre. The public transport system in the city is a cheap and easy option for travellers, with a one-day ticket, a week pass, or monthly to annual.


Some top requirements for a traveller is a cheap, easy, and enjoyable holiday. So, organising the best price possible for a fantastic experience is always at the top of the do list. When seeing great attractions such as the Colosseum, the wait in line can stretch out to hours. Thus, organising a Colosseum tour or a skip the line ticket can work wonders for saving time and limiting frustration.

Attractions in Rome

Although this may sound like very obvious advice, working out what attractions make your bucket list is vital when squeezing everything in. Sorting out the times and sessions of each attraction or activity can help you organise your days better and limit those crucial moments when the time is trickling away. Planning the best days and times for each activity can help avoid the foot traffic, letting you breeze into each site effortlessly.

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